“Mobile App to web browser based chat support solution which can be integrated with any existing platform."

Mogic - Chat Support

About MoGIC Chat Support

This product is developed to offer effective and quick support to the client. It is an combination of web application and mobile application and can also be used in existing mobile applicaiton with API.

Scope of work done :

Developed web application platform, mobile application and Application programming interface (API) for integration in existing apps. Web application consists of tools for creating agents, defining their role, enabling simultanous connections per agents, watching on chats in real time, defining blocked keywords, short cuts for faster replies. On mobile application part the chats runs on Socket architecture and user can initiate chat from phone and gets reply on chat

Next phase of update includes smart chat bot based on Artificial Intelligence. The Chat bot - MoGIC will is being developed for Mobile and DTH Recharge industry, BFSI, Restaurant and food ordering.

Mobile application link :

  • Available on Demand. IMEI needs to be registered with us. Contact us on web[at]

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