“Domain name is your identity in this digital world and first step toward going online, make sure you put right foot first."


Domain Name Registration - Your Digital nameplate

Domain name registration now has apparently became very simple task, because so many website are offering online purchase options and that too at discounted rate. Selecting a right domain name without giving it proper thought can really lead to some serious issues. Having worked in the field of web solutions for almost a decade now, we have seen some really funny issues to some legal matters. We help you selecting right kind of domain name based on proper analysis. The domain selection process also requires to check whether domain is SEO friendly or not and in many cases checking whether there are any trademark related issues with name of domain.

The point of domain name registration is generally not covered by companies offering software development and web application solutions on their website, but we at Websmith solution always help clients in selecting proper domain names as it will be there on their brand name in digital market place as well as it is mentioned on business cards and all marketing colletrals. A bad domain name can really hurt your business and by the time you realize it might be late and you may need to rebrand your entire online presence. We are always here to help you selecting a correct solution, no matter how small a matter is.

At websmith Solution, we generally take care of following criterias in helping you to select appropriate domain name.

Combination of Short, catchy and memorable  : It might be a hard combination, but we advice client to spend some time to match this combination.

Consider the extenstion : Now a days it is very difficult to find a domain of your choice in dot com (.com) segment. However there are several different kind of specific extensions available which can give you a name you require.

Keyword as Domain : Many times users uses a keyword in domain name with sole purpose of getting it listed higher in SEO. Due to this, they select their domain name as their product or service keyword. This can be beneficial as harmful, so one should not select such keyword solely for SEO purpose.

Cross check name on Social media : Many time you need same name on social media or somebody might have a page which looks like your domain on social media. So, its better to crosscheck domain name. We even help you in cross verifying such issues.

There are many more factors to be checked while booking a domain name. We will help you by applying our years of experience so that when you "go online", you are there for good.

So whenever you need a help on booking a domain - contact us and our team member will be there to answer you query as well as to help you in selecting the right domain.

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