“Want to Locate the nearest Apple store and buy an iPhone  or Apple product ?
Simple - send one SMS and location will arrive in your phone."

Ingram Micro  - iPhone Store Locator

Ingram Micro

Ingram Micro is one of the Distributors of Apple products at India, including iPhones, iPad and health bands. Ingram Micro was looking for simple to use store locator which should work even without internet.


Scope of Work Done

Ingram Micro wanted a store search tool or store locator. We have delivered Virtual Number based ( VN ) based solution which combines a web application to manage store and for the clients end who want to search the store , we have provided a VN i.e. a 10 Digit Number which can accept very very high number of Income coming SMS and there is no requirement of Physical SIM Card. We have offered a easy to remember number 76000 30000 to the Ingram sales and promotion team. When user sends SMS in specific format to this Number with PINCODE or CITY Name, they in return get the address of the IPHONE Store which is on Ingram Dealer Network

This being SMS based search , no internet dependency is required , even QR code is not required and in the web application all the numbers of the people are stored for contacting them for feedback or further help.

This solution use combination of 10 Digit VN ( also known as long code ) , Web application and Web SMS to deliver store location in real time via SMS to the customers.


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