“Medical Assistance at the push of button. Android and iOS Application for
800-Doctor - a Service by Lifeline Hospital - Dubai"

800 Doctor

About 800 Doctor

800 Doctor is service offered by Dubai based Lifeline Healthcare group ( ) . Lifeline Healthcare group is credited with introducing the first boutique hospital to the nation and the first purpose-built hospital in New Dubai, Lifeline Hospital. We are also proud to have established the revolutionary doctor-on-call service 800-DOCTOR.


Scope of work done :

Developed web application and mobile app on Android and iOS to avail services of 800-Doctor. The Application is developed in English and Arabic language . The backend consists tool to accept emergency call and also get the location of patient. The registered patient can book an appointment via app and they can also track the amublance or doctors when they are on the visit. Feedback system is also developed for the customers which allows them to rate the service/treatment they have received.


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